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Rallying In Finland, Winter 2013-2016

Rallying in Finland, winter edition. Includes wide lines, loud rally cars and plenty of snow! Filmed at Finnish rally events during season 2013-2014 Talvista rallia … JPeltsi Luet viestiä: Rallying In Finland, Winter 2013-2016

SM O.K. Auto-Ralli, Kouvola 6.3.2021

Second event of Finnish rally championship was held at Kouvola. This time weather was quite variated, nice spring weather turned to a heavy snowfall. JPeltsi Luet viestiä: SM O.K. Auto-Ralli, Kouvola 6.3.2021

Mesikämmen Ralli 13.2.2021, Action

Action from Mesikämmen Historic rally’s stages two and four. Jari-Matti Latvala and his Co-driver Juho Hänninen won the rally, they were driving with Toyota … JPeltsi Luet viestiä: Mesikämmen Ralli 13.2.2021, Action

Volvo Rallying In Finland

Turn up the volume, this rally compilation is all about pure sound of Volvo rally cars. Mainly 200-series and 100-series group F and Historic Volvo’s and also some not so often seen models at rally …

Rallying In Finland, Winter 2021 By JPeltsi

Rallying in Finland, Winter 2021 Weather for winter season was this year perfect, snow everywhere in Finland. Loud cars and wide lines from Finnish rallyes, all the clips filmed in 2021. Kooste talvikaudesta 2021, näyttäviä …

Revontuli Ralli 20.2.2021

Revontuli Ralli was second event of 2021 F-Cup rally series, held at Hankasalmi, Finland. As usual, there was plenty of loud cars and wide slides. Clips are from Special stages one and Five. Top-3 of …

Ilomantsi Ralli 30.1.2021

Season 2021 of F-Cup rally series started from Ilomantsi. As usual, lot of loud BMW’s and also some new fwd cars too. And those always spectacular AE86 GT Corollas aswell. Filmed at Stages 2 and …

Mäntsälä Aero Ralli 22.5.2021, Action

Mäntsälä Aero ralli was third event of this year’s F-cup series and first one in summer. This righthander at special stage 3/7 was surprisingly tight after a long straight section. Filmed in Mäntsälä, Finland. Mäntsälä …